About us

We offer an ELECTRIC BICYCLE PRODUCE & EXPORT SERVICE based in Hangzhou, China.We provide many series of quick and smooth e-bike products, with predictable,easy-to-control power and a long-lasting removable lithium-ion battery that recharges at any household outletWe are technical team who has been doing E-bike for 5 years.We are a dynamic high-tech enterprises which specialized in production of high-end Li-ion battery electric bicycle and electric bicycle conversion kits. We aim of a more effective mode of trip, more clean energy and more clear environment. We also have cooperation with some other companies like Bafang,Tektro,wellgo,Promax etc which is a leading manufacturer of e-mobility components and complete systems. Our company combines Design, Research and development, and Sell into one for one best product. Recently we
have a large number of loyal customers around the world In the 2016 years our sales and market share are far ahead of others in China. Our company pursue the policy of "Details is the key to success" We focus on the details of all the products all the time. We are trying to learn the craftsman spirit from German and Japanese companies. We stay committed to make the perfect product We believe that we will be the Industry Benchmark in E-bike field in the near future!